Baltic Candle Ltd. history

The tradition of candle making and trading of candles goes far back in Latvian history. In 1966 a rubber factory DOBELE was founded, it started to produce also candles in 1969. During the early 1990's, after the country's independence, the factory started to cooperate with candle producers and traders in Denmark sharing experience, knowledge and traditions. 

Good relations developed, and in 1996 a joint venture between Latvian and Danish companies called LLC Dobeles was registered. The new company was partly financed by a Danish foundation supporting Danish entrepreneurs investing in business in the Baltic's. The main shareholder in the new joint venture was the Danish sales and manufacturing company P. Broste Ltd.

In 1997 the name of the company was changed to LLC Baltijas Sveces and in 1998 P. Broste Ltd. became the sole owner. In 2004 the company name was modified to LLC Baltic Candles Ltd.

In 2009 Baltic Candles took part in the Export and Innovation Award 2009 event organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIIA).
Baltic Candles Ltd. won the 3rd price in the category "Best Exporter" in the large and medium company group.

In 2010 P. Broste Ltd. sold its shares to the company CEO and since March 2010 Mr. Thogersen has been main owner of the company.

At the moment the company employs 360 persons and produces around 20 tonnes of candle lights daily .